The Best Handheld LED Light Therapy Devices of 2021

Light therapy devices come in many forms, from full beds to wearable masks and glasses. You can see the top products in each category on this page.

In this article, we’ll break down the best handheld light therapy devices you can buy. All of these LED products are small and light enough to hold in your hand during a treatment session, and they’re all portable for quick, easy light therapy sessions at home or on the go. These are the best handheld light therapy products:

The Luminance RED $349

Many of the handheld devices on this list are designed for beauty and anti-aging treatments. Luminance RED takes a different approach with their handheld red light therapy products, targeting specific skin conditions like cold sores, canker sores, and genital sores. Luminance RED makes a handheld product for each condition, so you can choose from a mouth, a lip, or a genital device that lets you target the specific condition. The Luminance RED devices stand out for ease of use, quick treatments, and overwhelmingly positive customer reviews.

Numerous customers praise the Luminance RED for Cold Sores for healing a cold sore outbreak quickly, with less pain, and for reducing the number of outbreaks they now get. Some say they haven’t had an outbreak since they began using it.

Many customers also claim that Luminance RED treatments have lessened the number of outbreaks they’ve experienced over time. Again, some say that they haven’t had any outbreaks since they started treatment. Another big plus with Luminance RED is their six-month, 100% money back guarantee that lets you return your device for a full refund if you don’t see results.

Pulsaderm LED Red $75

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the handheld LED skin and beauty products on the market now. If you want to keep it simple and try red light therapy for lines and wrinkles, Pulsaderm makes an affordable handheld model.

With 97 red LEDs, the Pulsaderm device covers about 4 square inches of your face. That’s enough for spot treatments and target areas but won’t give you a full red facial experience like a larger device.

Pulsaderm recommends three-minute treatments three times a week. This is a good starting point if you’re new to red light therapy.

LightStim for Acne $170

LightStim’s acne treatment product is one of the best and simplest red and blue light therapy devices that’s designed specifically to treat acne. Blue light is effective against acne because the light actually kills the bacteria on the skin that produces acne. Red light can boost collagen and help clear inflammation.

LightStim’s model is FDA-cleared to treat mild to moderate acne, and it’s a favorite of estheticians around the world. LightStim also makes a different handheld model that’s designed to treat joint pain in short, easy sessions.

Quasar MD Blue $349

If you’re looking for the best handheld LED light therapy device that delivers blue light for acne, try the Quasar MD Blue. Hold this device to your face and move it in circles for three minutes over acne problem areas.

Numerous customers have praised the device for shortening acne outbreaks and helping to heal pimples and acne sores. The device shuts off after three minutes. It comes with a travel pouch and safety goggles, as well as a lens cap to protect its LEDs.

Foreo ESPADA $149

Foreo’s ESPADA device is another effective blue LED product for acne. Where other devices take several minutes, the Foreo works in as little as 30 seconds thanks to its unique absorption technology. The ESPADA stands out with a sleek, light pink design. Customers say it’s helped clear their acne in just a few weeks.

Pure Daily Care Luma $79

If you want access to more colors, try Luma. For under $100, Luma’s handheld device features red, blue, and green light and comes with a facial massage mode that improves muscle tone. It also includes a travel pouch for easy portability, a charger, and an outlet adapter.

Glō by reVive $79

Another affordable $79 option comes from reVive. This sleek handheld device is battery-powered and offers multi-wave light, or several colors at one time. Treatment sessions are three minutes long, and it’s easy to slip this LED device in a purse or pocket and take it with you.

Joovv Go 2.0 $445

Joovv is better known for making larger, modular systems that mount on a wall or door in your home. But they also make a handheld version of their technology, which uses red and near-infrared (NIR) light. It’s larger than the Pulsaderm and most other handheld skincare devices, so you can cover more area at one time.

Unlike most products on this list, the Go 2.0 is not designed specifically for skincare. Joovv suggests using it for muscle recovery and general wellness.

The Go 2.0 is more expensive than most other LED handheld devices, but it includes some unique features, like an alarm clock function. It also includes Ambient Mode, a setting designed to optimize sleep and circadian rhythm by shining low-intensity red light in the evenings.

You need to charge the Go 2.0 regularly with use. It features an optional $100 charging dock that also serves as a useful stand during hands-free treatments.

The Best Handheld Light Therapy Products

These are the best handheld light therapy devices you can buy right now, whether you’re looking to treat acne, a cold sore outbreak, or just rejuvenate skin and decrease wrinkles.

Check out this list of the best light therapy products in other categories, like masks and panels. You can also learn more about light therapy in general on this page.

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